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Affordable For Vacations & Promotional Travelling.

Al-Fatah Travels has a market reputation for providing prompt, efficient, and yet affordable travel services to host clients. We take
pride in being able to make your journey absolutely “hassle-free” from start to end. We offer a complete package.

  • Resorts
  • Corporate & Leisure Travels
  • Discounted Hotel Bookings
  • Discounted Restaurants
  • Best available Rates on Airfare
  • Retal Cars, Tours, and more…

Destinations we arrive at a present:
Thailand, Malaysia, Srilanka, Singapore, Maldives, Turkey, England, Dubai, and Egypt.


Al-Fatah Travel is the world's largest youth travel company with adventure travel at its core. We are committed to ensuring our products are ethical, safe and of high quality to our customers.
Al-Fatah Travel has commenced a full audit of all tours that involve direct or indirect contact with animals, and to date has discontinued the sale of the Tiger Temple tour in Thailand, San Fermin Festival tours in Pamplona, and a lion research project in Zambia. We have also replaced all tours which include elephant riding with alternative activities.
Although there may be some legacy reference material to these products still available, these tours are no longer available for sale through Al-Fatah Travel.
Al-Fatah Travel is committed to delivering good practices & good services to its clients.

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