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Aim to Enhance Import/Export Business.

This unit was established with the aim to enhance an import-export business. With an experience of over 5 decades, we are presently exporting 90% of our products around the globe. This has been possible only because of our research and development.

We added SORTEX machinery to get the finest quality and then export our quality products to different countries.

Main Products

  • Daal Masoor
  • Daal Channa
  • Daal Mash
  • Daal Moong

About Ahsan Food Mills

Ahsan food mills were established in 1994 for importing, distributing, package, and marketing of food and consumer products. AFM is one of the leading distributor companies in the field of food. Over the past few years, the Company has achieved aggressive growth and emerged at the forefront of analogous companies. AFM has identified strategies and targets based on the principle of achieving customer satisfaction through product quality, reliability, and efficient service by providing a wide range of products at competitive prices.

The success story of the Company is a commitment to the distinction in the service and the quality of import and distribution operations. The Company has transformed from a mere distributor to develop brands and successfully market various products.

The Company owns a dedicated logistics and sales team for the delivery, distribution, and marketing of products to reach out to all segments.

AFM strives to scale new heights with various innovative ideas and strategies, being implemented as part of its growth & expansion.

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